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Automotive commerce software

Autengo offers a software-as-a-service solution for car dealerships, providing digital vehicle records, CRM, document management, and integrated financing solutions in order to digitalise processes. Earlier this year the company secured a funding round which it used to further develop its software.

Another provider which recently gained more funding is VEACT, a listed supplier of BMW and MINI and a developer of applications, processes, and products that improve sales successes for car dealerships through data-based marketing. B2B start-up CarOnSale is another player digitising the remarketing process of vehicles for car dealers and car buyers (trade-ins, leasing returns, long-term users) by bringing sellers and buyers together.

Fleet management software

Technological advances are playing a major role in the management of fleets too.

Vimcar connects vehicles from different manufacturers and has developed an on board diagnostic plug built into the vehicle which creates a digital logbook and which can locate vehicles in real time, an especially relevant tool in sectors such as logistics. The service is particularly useful for a customer that uses company cars of different brands as it can access all its vehicles. Last year Vimcar raised €12m in a funding round Software led by Acton Capital Partners along with existing investors Venture Capital, Coparion, and Atlantic Labs.

High Mobility combines an online testing environment with a live vehicle data marketplace, whereby users are able to access data from multiple carmakers using a standardised connected car interface. Last year it raised €3m in a venture round led by industry expert Fabian von Kuenheim and the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft which invested in the company for the second time. Wunder Mobility has developed a platform that lets companies and local authorities create their own mobility services. Its customers include Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota, and Wunder has just raised an additional €27m to help expand its platform to the US.

Last year Vimcar raised €12m in a funding round led by Acton Capital Partners along with existing investors Venture Capital, Coparion, and Atlantic Labs.

Azowo is a cloud-based mobility platform for the B2B market that provides companies with software for fleet management, corporate car-sharing and mobility sharing. Combined with an attached telematics box fitted to any vehicle, the software enables companies to optimise their occupancy rate and to simplify their booking process.

Mandata is a UK-based provider of transport management software, and last year Clearwater International advised on an investment from private equity firm LDC in the business. Its transport management system integrates a suite of end-to-end products, including traffic planning and management, tracking, telematics, and invoicing.

Trakm8 provides vehicle telematics solutions for fl eet management, as well as vehicle tracking, route planning and logistical improvement solutions. Trak Global Group develops hardware and app-based connected vehicle data platforms for the high-growth usagebased insurance and mobility markets.

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