Analyst Line Plesner Støttrup Thomsen

  • Analyst
Photo of Line Plesner Støttrup Thomsen


I joined Clearwater International Denmark in April 2019 as an Analyst in the Aarhus Office. My primary work tasks include market research, financial analysis and preparation of sales material. I assist various deal teams with focus on different sectors, which have provided me with exposure to several industries.

Prior to joining Clearwater, I have been working as a Teaching Assisting in several courses at Aarhus University. During my studies I have been an active part of the student organization Aarhus Case Competition as part of the Business Relations team. Besides that, I have co-founded the official international case teams for Aarhus University.

I am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University, which has included a semester at UCSD. After my bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue a master’s degree within finance.

Being part of Clearwater allows me to develop my capabilities within M&A by working alongside with expert deal teams, which to me is extremely motivating.