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InterChina team returns to the office and focuses on the economic prospects in China

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As the threat of COVID-19 begins to lift in China, the team at InterChina, the strategic partner of Clearwater International based in Shanghai and Beijing, are gradually returning to the office. China has been in lockdown for almost two months, operating from home much like the rest of the world at present.

Whilst the pandemic is continuing to cause huge disruption to the global economy, businesses in China are beginning to emerge from a strict lockdown. As a result, the team are seeing the beginnings of a recovery and have created a blog series to look at how international companies in China should be responding in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The blog series includes:

  1. Recovering from COVID-19: to ‘V’ or not to ‘V’
  2. Recovering from COVID-19: lessons learnt from China
  3. Recovering from COVID-19: action points for industrial players
  4. Recovering from COVID-19: action points for retail and brands
  5. Recovering from COVID-19: the M&A opportunity

Find the first blog, Recovering From COVID-19: To ‘V’ or not to ‘V’ on the insights section of the website.

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