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Clearwater International sponsors Ocean Revival 2020

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In 2020 Clearwater International announced the sponsorship of Ocean Revival 2020, a challenge involving a team of serving and former serving Royal Marine Commandos who have teamed up to take on the fight against threats to the ocean by rowing across the North Atlantic Ocean, from New York to London, a route that has never been completed before.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team didn’t begin their challenge however, in May 2021 the adventure will commence.

Ocean Revival 2020 is fundraising for Ocean Generation, a charity aiming to raise awareness of the threats to the ocean such as plastic, climate change and other man-made ocean issues and to grow an inclusive global movement to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the ocean.

Ocean Revival crew

The Ocean Revival team, comprising Royal Marine Commando Matt Mason, former Royal Marine Commando Ian Clinton, serving commissioned Officer in the Royal Marines Jordan Swift and one of the world’s most experienced ocean rowers Simon Chalk, plan to row 3,700 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean. This route has never been completed before and is statistically one of the most dangerous rows to attempt. The crossing has been attempted in the opposite direction a total of 72 times, with 29 successes and over 43 failures.

None have rowed from New York To London – Ocean Revival 2020 aims to be the first.

The Ocean Revival team will have a relentless rowing routine of two hours rowing and two hours resting for over 60 days. They will battle the ferocious weather systems of the North Atlantic; huge freezing swells over the Mid Atlantic Ridge; sleep deprivation; seasickness and the constant war against being wet, cold and hungry for its entirety.

Having spent hundreds of hours rowing on the coasts of the UK, the team are fully prepared for their dangerous expedition. The team shipped their fully equipped rowing boat to New York, flew to Antigua to spend 14 days in isolation, and have now arrived safely in New York. After conducting their final preparation, they are ready to begin their momentous challenge.

Clearwater International will be supporting their ambitious endeavour to help Ocean Revival 2020 keep up the momentum in the fight against ocean threats.

Click here to support Ocean Revival 2020 to raise awareness of the threats to the ocean.

Click here to access the Ocean Revival tracking map for updates on their journey.

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