Søren Nørbjerg

  • Senior Advisor
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I have worked in M&A since the early 90´s, when M&A advisory was not very developed. Before then I was a Certified Public Accountant.

With a great team around me, I have been privileged to help a large number of company owners divest their business, creating new opportunities for the former company owners as well as the business. At the same time, this has made it possible for Clearwater Denmark to grow from a start-up to a dominant player in Denmark, with a track record of completing over 250 successful deals.

I have worked on transactions in different sectors and with buyers from more than 10 different countries and sizes up to €300m. Experience has taught me that no transactions are identical, and I have always emphasised the need to listen to and understand our clients, and then make a tailored approach to each situation. That creates exciting work challenges, and at the same time, ensures that the best solution is achieved for our clients.

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