CataCap acquires Handicap-Befordring and Colum-bus

Clearwater International advised on the merger of Handicap-Befordring and Colum-bus (“Handicap-Befordring”) and the concurrent sale to CataCap. Handicap-Befordring is the clear market leader within special care transport services in Denmark and operates 235 buses, which transport handicapped, elderly and pupils with special needs.

Over the past years, Handicap-Befordring and Columbus have won several new contracts and as a consequence the combined turnover and earnings have increased significantly. The turnover of DKK 200 million is primarily generated in the Capital Region, but also in other parts of Zealand. The high growth is expected to continue.

The buyer, CataCap, is a Danish private equity group with a focus on companies with high growth potential within the Danish SME-segment. Handicap-Befordring is CataCap’s second investment. The sellers of Handicap-Befordring and Colum-bus, Frank Nissen and Michael Flex, continue as key members of the management team and both retain a significant ownership share in the merged company.

Clearwater International was exclusive financial adviser to the owners of Handicap-Befordring and Colum-bus on the merger of the companies and concurrent partner process, which included interest from both Danish and foreign partners.