Clearwater International advises Movin on the acquisition of a significant stake in a joint venture aiming to accelerate the expansion of the Sergio Tacchini brand

Clearwater International has advised Movin on the acquisition of a significant stake in a joint venture with Sergio Tacchini. Sergio Tacchini and Movin have announced a new partnership to accelerate the brand's penetration in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and standardise the brand's development strategy in this region.

Sergio Tacchini is a sports and lifestyle brand famous for its tracksuits and recognised for its explosive colours which have become important symbols in culture and sport. Movin, a long-time licensee of the brand, is a leading production, distribution and marketing company that has historically focused on the French and North African markets.

Based in Marseille with a design office in Milan, Movin is a family business whose heritage is rooted in its love of sporting culture. The company has developed an efficient process for the design, development, production and distribution of textile and sports products in France and in over 35 countries.

Sergio Tacchini and Movin are joining forces to increase the brand's potential by coordinating marketing efforts in Europe, the UK, Middle East, Russia and North Africa.

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