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Welcome home to the Ocean Revival team

Ocean Revival Team and Clearwater

On Wednesday 11th August, after 71 days rowing, the Ocean Revival team safely reached their final destination, Tower Bridge, London where they were welcomed home by a crowd of family, friends, press and sponsors. They have become the first-ever rowing team to complete the 3,700-mile journey from New York to London.

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Back in 2020, Clearwater International sponsored Ocean Revival 2020, a team of four, serving and former serving, Royal Marine Commandos to take on what has been dubbed the ‘world’s most dangerous row’. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team were unable to pursue their challenge until this year.

On 31st May 2021, the team finally set off from Liberty Landing Marina in New York on their journey to become the first to complete the 3,700-mile journey. The team quickly found their rhythm and whilst some days they had to drop their para-anchor and try to remain still against the huge currents and storms, they made up for lost miles in the days to follow.

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The team have endured some of the most adverse weather conditions, huge freezing swells over the Mid Atlantic Ridge and constant battles with wind and rain. They have shared the ocean with some of the world’s most endangered mammals, along with creatures from the deep, giant great white sharks, dolphins, pilot whales and survived sleep deprivation, hunger pangs, and seasickness during their relentless schedule of two hours rowing, two hours resting.

Ocean Revival 2020 is fundraising for Ocean Generation, a charity aiming to raise awareness of the threats to the ocean such as plastic, climate change and other man-made ocean issues and to grow an inclusive global movement to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the ocean.

Click here to support Ocean Revival 2020 to raise awareness of the threats to the ocean.

Michael Reeves, Managing Partner, Clearwater International said:

"It’s an absolute honour to have sponsored the Ocean Revival 2020 team, and we were delighted to see them cross the finish line at Tower Bridge, London. The teams’ determination, strength and courage has shone throughout the last 71 days and it’s amazing to hear that they are the first-ever team to have completed the 3,700-mile journey from New York to London. Ocean Generation is such a great charity to support and the challenge the team have undertaken will certainly have raised awareness of the cause to protect our oceans and all that live in it."

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