Clearwater International advises Supermissile on the sale of a majority stake in Eusebio Energia to Ascopiave

Clearwater International has advised Supermissile, Eusebio family’s holding company, on the sale of a majority stake in Eusebio Energia, an Italian energies business active in the production of energy from renewable sources, to one of the major Italian natural gas and energy distributors, Ascopiave.

Eusebio Energia has 22 plants that produce electricity from renewable sources, 21 hydroelectric plants, with a capacity of 44MW, located in Lombardy and Veneto regions, and a wind farm, consisting of 14 turbines that hold 1MW of wind power each, located in Campania.

Ascopiave, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, holds concessions and direct assignments in 268 Italian municipalities, offering its services to approximately 775,000 end-users through a network of over 12,000 kilometres. Moreover, Ascopiave is a partner of Hera Group, a public utility company based in Bologna, and it is also active in the water supply and hydroelectric markets.

This strategic operation, with an overall value of €85m, allows Ascopiave to confirm its commitment to renewable energies, to growing a green and sustainable business to contribute to the national energy transition.

Thanks to this divestiture, Supermissile will definitively rebalance its financial structure, with the possibility of strengthening its investments in the textile sector, its traditional business.

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    Adviser to Supermissile on the sale of a majority stake in Eusebio Energia to Ascopiave

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