Clearwater International advises Nowocoat on its sale to Waterland

Clearwater International has advised Nowocoat, a market leading company within innovative and highly sustainable coating solutions, on its sale to Waterland, a European Private Equity fund.

Established in 2014, Nowocoat specialises in environmentally friendly and sustainable coating products for roofs, industrial applications, and wholesale. The products are used for coating metal, wood, and mineral surfaces. Nowocoat has a brand-new and highly automated state-of-the-art production allowing the company to efficiently deliver coating solutions to customers around the globe.

Over the years, Nowocoat has managed to achieve impressive growth rates partly through the execution of a successful M&A strategy resulting in three acquisitions since 2019.

Waterland is an independent private equity investment group that supports entrepreneurs in realising their growth ambitions. With substantial financial resources and industry expertise, Waterland enables its portfolio companies to achieve accelerated growth both organically and through acquisitions.

Waterland will become the majority owner of Nowocoat. Together, the parties expect to continue investing in an ambitious growth plan with further acquisitions in the pipeline.