Clearwater International advises Leonix on the sale of a controlling stake in its optic fibre infrastructure network to Quaero Capital

Clearwater International has advised the shareholders of Leonix - the Always On Group on the sale of a controlling stake in its optical fibre network infrastructure to Quaero Capital.

Founded in 2015 by Bruno Veluet, Leonix is a B2B optical fibre infrastructure operator, which developed a high-quality FTTO (Fibre To The Office) optical fibre network based on a well-located infrastructure within the most attractive areas of the Parisian region and in the French Riviera. With a c. 420km-wide network and more than 500 connected buildings, Leonix has developed a complete offer for B2B telecom operators and their clients, leveraging their recognised deployment know-how.

The infrastructure network sale to Quaero Capital is associated with a strategic partnership agreement that will allow both parties to accelerate the network’s growth and strengthen its attractivity.

Quaero Capital is an infrastructure investment fund founded in 2005 which specialises in sectors such as TMT, energy, transport, public and private facilities.

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    Adviser to Leonix on its infrastructure network sale to Quaero Capital

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