Aristote Hadjopoulos

  • Analyst
Photo of Aristote Hadjopoulos


I joined Clearwater International as an Analyst in 2018, having worked in M&A for Canaccord Genuity and in private equity at Alto Invest.

I work particularly closely with the financial services and consumer sectors, industries which are going through a period of great transformation and innovation that is driving ever greater customer engagement and top line growth.

I was recently involved in the sale of OneLife, a Luxembourg-based life insurance company. For me, every deal is unique and it is this opportunity to see a wide variety of transactions from different perspectives that is particularly exciting. I also enjoy the fact that Clearwater International creates attractive acquisition opportunities for its clients and has a unique insight into international opportunities.

I hold a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering and Tax Strategy, and a Magistère in Finance from Panthéon-Sorbonne University.