08/11/2019 - Employee case studies

Angel Bageneta

I joined Clearwater International in October of 2016 as an Associate in the Madrid office in Spain. I’m currently involved in deals within the automotive, healthcare and TMT sectors, most of them being international deals.

Why did you join Clearwater International and what keeps you here?

I joined Clearwater for the opportunity to work for a leading international corporate finance firm, where I am given real responsibility for managing processes and working closely with our clients. This, together with the international aspect of Clearwater and every year expanding the business, allows for a great growth perspective for my career.

What are your main responsibilities?

Origination – analysing sectors and sub-sectors in order to have an established know-how which allows Clearwater to be the go-to player in that sector/sub-sector.

Execution – Project management responsibilities in all aspects of transaction execution and marketing efforts including significant client responsibilities, process management between involved parties, full responsibility for drafting and structuring all marketing materials and transaction documents, detailed financial analysis and leading due diligence efforts.

I am also responsible for all aspects of the junior team including hiring, management and development.

What is the highlight of your time with Clearwater International?

The opportunity to have a high level of responsibility for a project in a sector with a great deal of headwind (automotive) and coming up with the strategy to overcome these uncertainties in potential buyers, and highlighting the company’s strength and attractiveness.

How have you developed since joining the business?

After an initial adjustment period (previous experience was as an Equity Portfolio Manager), I was quickly supporting several on-going projects. Soon after that I was given more responsibilities and project managing transactions . Most recently, I was promoted to Associate Director

Why is CWI a great place to work?

Clearwater is a highly rewarding company, supporting the development and growth of each employee. We are given responsibility and opportunities to prove ourselves from day one, which I believe is key for our career development. Clearwater promotes its international collaboration in different ways (annual gatherings, training programs, etc) which encourages a great atmosphere and culture among our international colleagues.

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