Victoria Rosenmeier

  • Analyst
Photo of Victoria Rosenmeier


I joined Clearwater International’s Copenhagen office as an Analyst in July 2020. My role allows me to get a wide range of experience within different industries through an M&A lens, furthering my understanding of valuation, analysis, and comprehensive business processes.

I chose to work at Clearwater due to the company’s high degree of integrity, professionalism, and social work environment. Furthermore, the company enables opportunities for growth – both professionally and personally. My primary tasks as an analyst include research, financial analysis, and preparation of sales material, thus, allowing me to gain competencies within the industry. I am honoured to work with incredibly experienced and highly committed colleagues with a wide range of experience within the M&A field.

I am currently pursuing a BSc in International Business at Copenhagen Business School, where I am participating in the tri-continental exchange programme, GLOBE, that send 18 students from Copenhagen Business School to The University of North Carolina and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.