Clearwater International advises Cue Dee on its sale to Lagercrantz Group

Clearwater International has advised Cue Dee, a world-leading company in a niche sector of the telecoms market, on its sale to Lagercrantz Group.

Cue Dee primarily develops and sells fastenings where strength and flexibility are crucial and has an annual turnover of €19.4m (SKr 180m) with high profitability. The company mainly focuses on the development and distribution of fastenings that are used for mounting mobile network units on masts, roofs and other exposed areas. The company has a worldwide customer base in the telecoms market and is based in Robertsfors, north of Umeå witha subsidiary in China.

Lagercrantz is a technology group selling value-adding technology, both own products or from other leading suppliers. The group consists of around 40 companies, each one aimed at a specific market niche. Cue Dee will become part of the division Mechatronics starting in April 2015.